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. .

This is a Java game. Wait for game to load. Your browser must be Java enabled to play game. If there is a problem, check your browser's help menu regarding Java. Game best played with Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

How to play
  • Wait till applet downloads completely. (Ball images must be visible).
  • Enter your nickname in a "Player" textfield (on the top af applet)- Optional.
  • To move a ball, click on it with the mouse (it starts jumping) to select it, then click on a free cell in a field. To deselect a ball just click on another.
  • If movement is possible, ball wil go to the specified empty field.
  • After each turn, 3 new balls are placed on a field (random colors & positions). Preview panel shows colors of the next 3 balls.
  • You can alway force the next turn without moving anything. Press button "Next"
  • If the game field is full, game is over. Press "Save Score" or "New game" button to start a new game.

Game goal is to arrange balls of the same color in a straight lines (every direction). 5 or more balls on a straight line are removed and points are given. Longer lines give more points to you. Crossing lines count together.

Author: Konstantin Priblouda

And More to Come

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