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This is a Java game. Wait for game to load. Your browser must be Java enabled to play game. If there is a problem, check your browser's help menu regarding Java. Game best played with Microsoft's Internet Explorer.
Get rid of all of the empty spaces.... if you can, but be careful, zero's explode leaving more empty spaces!

Author's Notes:
The object is to get rid of all the empty spaces (= zeros or 0's ). In the beginning of the game you choose the maximum number that may be reached. Once the game has started, you can change the number you want to place on the board by clicking on the number in the next square (top left). Every time a number is placed on the board, all the other numbers on the board decrease one point (-1). When a number reaches 0, it explodes. With this explosion, all 6 numbers around will increase by one (+1). You have to make sure that 10 isn't reached on the board or your game will be over.

Author: Luna-Tic

And More to Come

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