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wpe370.jpg (3518 bytes)Friends With Money
FRIENDS WITH MONEY opens FRIDAY April 7, 2006 in NY , LA, Boston, Chicago and San Francisco

Friends With Money is the telling new comedy from the acclaimed writer/director Nicole Holofcener.

Jennifer Aniston, Frances McDormand, Joan Cusack and Catherine Keener star as a quartet of west coast, life-long friends who have achieved a level of comfort in their lives and have now settled into a life of designer clothes, charity events, and caring for the men (and offspring) in their lives. But as they approach 'a certain age,' unsettling things are starting to throw their comfortable lives off balance.

There's Olivia (Jennifer Aniston) who, reaching a personal crisis, has quit her teaching job and is now cleaning houses for a living. She is looking for support - fiscal and emotional - from her more well-heeled acquaintances and continues her search for a significant other among the slim pickings on offer.

Jane and Aaron (Frances McDormand and Simon McBurney) are successful designers whose marriage has reached a pivotal point in which the pair have become oblivious to each other's concerns, and perhaps even to their own natures.

Christine and her husband Patrick (Catherine Keener and Jason Isaacs) are a professionally partnered, screenwriting couple whose latest projects - co-writing a script and expanding their house - raise tensions at home to a new level.

Franny and Matt (Joan Cusack and Bob Stephenson) are the independently wealthy ones, raising their two children amidst an abundant lifestyle that calls their united front of a partnership into question.

As the couples move from one get together to another, a group portrait begins to emerge of people in like and love with one another, in various configurations. Friends with Money is a modern comedy drama about contemporary adults in search of love, friendship, and filthy lucre but finding everything in a state of constant flux.


Jennifer Aniston, K.C. Clyde, Bobby Coleman, Joan Cusack, Catherine Keener, Frances McDormand, Jason Isaacs, Scott Caan, Greg Germann, Simon McBurney


“A touching ensemble piece.”
–Manohla Dargis, NEW YORK TIMES

“Jennifer Aniston gives her best screen performance."
–Peter Travers, ROLLING STONE

“A witty, affectionate meditation on four Los Angeles women figuring out what the hell life’s about.”
–Missy Schwartz, Enterainment Weekly.COM

“A sharply observed comedy. Aniston blends in seamlessly with a virtuosic comic ensemble.”
–Leah Rozen, PEOPLE

“A riveting satire of the good life and its discontents.”
–Karen Durbin, ELLE Magazine

“A witty drama about friendship among women. Nicole Holofcener’s funny, insightful Friends With Money serves as a perfect bookend to her first film. Walking and Talking. Friends With Money expands Holofener’s excruciatingly accurate lens by using a terrific ensemble cast. Holofcener not only has a great feel for the way women interact but also an impeccable sense of comedy, and so Friends With Money turns out to be amusing and astute, a smart observation on the ups and downs of female friendships. The whole cast is terrific. You feel as if you could watch these characters for a good long time.”
–Connie Ogle, MIAMI HERALD

“A brutally funny new film . There isn’t an ounce of fat in Holofcener’s script—it’s lacerating, witty, insightful, hilarious and incredibly tender at moments. Aniston has never been better and holds her own against Cusack, McDormand and Keener, all of whom are so quirky, funny and sublime it’s almost an embarrassment of riches just for one film.”
–Dennis Dermody, PAPER MAGAZINE

“Working in the tradition of filmmakers from Jean Renoir to John Cassavetes to Robert Altman to Woody Allen to Paul Thomas Anderson, writer-director Nicole Holofcener is fascinated with the roundelay of personal relationships that sometimes intersect and sometimes just coincide. . . the laughs won by observations in which pathos and even pending heartbreak underlie everything. . . Friends With Money achieves the sublime result that every writer and filmmaker hopes for: a moral universe in which the characters become real enough to be acting on their own, independent of their creator.”

“a well-written character study that is often depressing but never uninteresting. "Friends With Money" is an excellent repertory effort for Aniston. She's just terrific, and Cusack still has her flawless timing.”
–Roger Friedman, FOX411.COM

“Holofcener’s movies are very much of our self-obsessed, therapy-obsessed era – she traffics in the neuroses of privileged people who can’t stop thinking that the grass is awlays greener on someone else’s perfectly manicured lawn. An extraoirdinary cast with one performance more razor-sharp than the next.”
–Christopher Kelly, KNIGHT RIDDER

Friends With Money Movie Trailer
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